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Who Are WE?

We are a unique training and consulting firm made up of people that have “been there and done it.” If you have ever been associated with projects in the high tech industry whether product development projects or any other project in the company, you will relate.

Have you ever had to do a project with too few resources and too little time, and too many features? We can help you!

Bottom line: project leadership is managing results and relationships, to ensure satisfied expectations from your project stakeholders and customers.

After both working with and consulting with the most successful teams in Silicon Valley, we give you tools to lead project teams through the labyrinth of influencing, educating, and achieving to meet the end result you need in a predictable manner.

The Product

The Dashboard project plan!

The Dashboard is a one page project plan. Yes, you read correctly. How many times have you either been handed a project plan or handed out a project plan of many pages? What did your team do with it? Did they read every page, digesting everything? With all the activities everyone is engaged in these days, we sincerely doubt it.

Doing what we know how to do and have done many times before will not necessarily achieve the results we need now! This project plan is based on the end result required, not empirically building from the task level to the project level. Creative thinking is required to do things differently than we’ve done before to make bigger gains in less time with fewer resources. We give you tools to achieve that.

The Training

The workshop is the way students learn to create the Dashboard project plan. The workshop is paced to the attendees. The average duration is 6-8 hours.

Everyone is asked to bring a project they are currently working on or will be starting very soon.

Participants are taken through the process of creating their own “first cut” of the Dashboard project plan.

The participants learn:

We conduct the workshops at the site of your choice. We like classes to be between 3 and 16 people. Pricing includes all materials.

What's in it for me?

To answer the question, we'll let our customers speak for us. Here are comments from clients who have participated in our workshops.

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Executive Forum delivers programs designed to help companies build stronger leaders, manage change more effectively, and construct more productive and sustainable organizations.

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